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Download Pinterest Images, Videos, GIFs and Carousel


Batch Download

Effortlessly download multiple Pinterest carousel images at once with just a few clicks

HD Resolution

Get high-quality image downloads from Pinterest, ensuring crisp and clear visuals

Versatile Pin Types

Download various pin types from Pinterest, including images, videos, GIFs, carousels, and more, to enjoy a wide range of content

3 Steps to Download Pinterest Medias Using This Tool

  1. Copy the Pinterest URL (e.g., or
  2. Paste the URL into the textbox field.
  3. Click on the "Next" button.
  4. Within seconds, you'll get the full-size image/video of the Pinterest pin.
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About Us

At SocieTools, we believe that social media tools should be accessible and easy to use for everyone. That's why we created a powerful yet user-friendly online service that allows you to download images, videos, and more from various social media websites, such as Pinterest, Flickr and other platforms.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our Pinterest downloader allows you to download images, videos, GIFs, and carousels from Pinterest. It is, therefore, optimized for any type of pins Pinterest offers.

While you can download individual images, currently our Pinterest downloader does not support simultaneous bulk downloading of multiple images. However, if a pin contains multiple images in a carousel format, you can download all the images in one go.

Our Pinterest downloader retrieves the images in the original quality they were uploaded to Pinterest. Currently, there is no option to manually select or adjust the image quality during the download process.

To ensure fair usage and prevent abuse, our Pinterest downloader implements rate limits to prevent automated downloading. However, these rate limits are set at a reasonable level to allow normal usage for individuals.

Yes, our Pinterest downloader fully supports the downloading of GIFs, allowing you to save and share animated images from Pinterest.

Yes, our Pinterest downloader enables you to download pins that contain multiple images in a carousel format. You can save all the images within the carousel at once.